Bishop or a gambling lobbyist?

How does a Bishop qualify himself to make a statement that it only takes “8 weeks” to reduce the stakes on circa 35,000 Fixed Odds Betting Terminals? The answer is he doesn’t – his lobbyist friends tell him what to write and he regurgitates it. The problem for the poor Bishop of St Albans, writing yet again in today’s Guardian, is that his knowledge of FOBTs, their players, betting shops and what is involved in stake and prize adjustment is on a par with mine of religion – zero.


His nose is being led by a “new campaign” instigated by the same grudge ridden people I wrote about in this piece last week, to see FOBT stakes slashed this side of Christmas  along with 20,000 jobs.

We’ll no doubt see more of the Campaign for Fairer Gambling’s (CFG) mouthpieces spreading their “8 week” diatribe and behind the scenes they will be co-ordinating with the same usual casino and arcade suspects.

Fixed-odds betting delay unacceptable



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